Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy 2017...lets do this!

If you follow me here, I'm pretty sure you follow me over on the Homestead blog, so I won't rehash all the various goals that need to be completed before September of this year (YIKES!)  Here I'll just focus on what needs to be completed to finish up the scrapping goals.

In working on my faithbooking concordance, I discovered a bunch of my older articles from when I was one of the designers on Faithfully Yours.  Also, tons of my class descriptions and things.  So I've dusted them off and will revisit them this year.

About a month ago, my family and I toyed again with the idea of opening a scrapbooking retreat.  We found the PERFECT property (except that it had been robbed of all the copper, so had no plumbing, heat, not QUITE perfect.)  I haven't yet given up on the idea.  I do feel like maybe I keep trying to open a door that God has closed, but haven't deard a resounding slam.  (maybe I'm delusional and it was a huge slam, but it's a hard dream to give up on) so you might here a mention here or there this year about Memory Lane Lodge (I found all of my paperwork from the Sugarcreek lodge we got within days of opening...)

To start the year off, I have scheduled a once-a-month "My Legacy" Bible Studay and Crop. Each month has a different theme that we will look at and then have time afterwards to work on our scrapbooks/faithbooks.  I haven't bought a lot of the newer tools, but I still have tons of the older "toys" Cricut, quikutz, sizzix.

January 21 Documenting your spiritual goals / resolutions
Feb 18 God is love and He answers prayers
March 11 Spring is a time of vibrant growth
April 1 Easter,the resurrection and  our gift of eternal life

I have the themes for the rest of the year, but haven't yet scheduled them as I don't yet know what the summer festival season, growing, CSA farm work is going to look like.  But I am committing to myself to spend this time every month.  I hope that some of my friends would like to come along for the journey.

As time permits, I have lots of other classes that did for JoAnns, Scrap Camp, and the studion that I would liek to work on again.  One of which is the Rudolph days.  That is when each month on the 25th we do a project that can be used as a Christmas gifts.  This includes a two part class called year of memories, altered composition books.  Mom mini albums, dad mini albums, and Card classes.  Let me know if any of these sound like something you'd like to do and we can schedule it!

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